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Why Customers Choose Us?

  Why are we the online leader for name plates?

  • 1. Name Plates are Shipped Today or Tomorrow.

    You do not have to wait. Orders placed this morning are generally shipped today. Other orders are shipped tomorrow.

  • 2. Professional Name Plate Designs.

    Do not settle for another “me-too” design from the 50’s! Although we offer the traditional economical engraved name plates, also look over our range of designer name plates. From the lustrous Obsidian Series to high tech name plate designs that can use images from your company, you will find the right look for your organization.

  • 3. Easy and Secure.

    Ordering a name plate is secure and easy. Complete your order for name plates with just a few clicks. Answer a few simple questions, then review your proof and you are finished. Our customers love our intuitive and simple-to-use site. At all times, you may check on our site to see your order’s progress – from order entry to the tracking number for shipment. Our SSL ordering system completely secure. The information that you give us will be used only for customer support and accounting purposes.

  • 4. Save Money and Time with Batch Ordering.

    Are you ordering name plates for the office? Our wizards make it easy to enter a series of nameplates – at once. Better still, we will group the name plate order, look up the total quantity that you are ordering and give the larger quantity price break!

  • 5. Name Plate Innovator.

    Innovation is key to our success. Our award-winning wizards allow you to see your name plates online. We store your past orders so that you can easily come back and reorder or modify a previous name plate. Our full-color PicturePlates that allow you to select from thousands of different backgrounds. You may even upload your own graphic or photo to be used as a background.

  • 6. Great Pricing.

    There are no hidden logo costs and no hidden art costs. There are no costs for extra lines of text. Our prices cannot be beat. Please compare*. *Make sure to compare the “all-in” price. We do not mislead you by showing a price that you might get – but only if you order hundreds of name plates at one time. We do not charge for extra lines of text. We do not use shipping and handling fees as a way to recover profits from loss-leader prices.

  • 7. Easy Reordering.

    Your designs, logos and selections are saved. Use our “Welcome Back” service and you are just one-click away from a reorder. It is easy to add another employee to your library of name plates. It is easy to make a few text edits in a name plate that was ordered earlier.